International Workers Solidarity Committee - Iran


Fear for the life of jailed Iranian labour activist Behnam Ebrahimzadeh


Islamic regime of IRAN out of ILO!

Islamic regime of Iran out of ILO!

A regime which arrests, jails and flogs workers should not be in the ILO! Boycott the Islamic Republic of IRAN at the ILO conference! (In French)

Bahram Soroush speech at the ILO Conference 12 June 2006

Protest at the membership of the Islamic Republic of Iran-Shahla Daneshfar

A state that arrests, detains and flogs workers should not be in the ILO!

Bahram Soroush, member of WPI, in Geneva, Switzerland at the opening of the 100th ILO Conference on 1 June 2011, calling for the expulsion of the Islamic Republic from the ILO.

A regime which arrests, jails and flogs workers should not be in the ILO! Boycott the Islamic Republic of Iran at the ILO conference

 Join the campaign to expel the Islamic regime of Iran from the International Labour Organisation (ILO)

To labour organisations around the world
 Islamic regime of Iran must be expelled from the International Labour Organisation (ILO)

World protests to demand union rights for Iranian workers


To: The International Transport Federation (ITF

July 12: International Day of Solidarity with Reza Shahabi and Behnam Ebrahimzadeh

Iran: Free jailed trade union leader Reza Shahabi now

IndustriALL Conference resolution in support of jailed workers in Iran.

Vicious assault on political prisoners in Iran
Three prisoners are in a critical condition

Fear for the life of jailed Iranian labour activist Shahrokh Zamani
He needs international support

Support letter from Canadian Union of Postal workers

Support letter from BCGEU

Transport workers union in Scandinavia supported jailed workers in Iran

Support letter from General Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions -(GFETU )

Labour activist Afshin Osanlou dies in prison in Iran
The regime in Iran is responsible for his death

Iran jailed worker writes to the ILO,Behnam Ebrahimzadeh’s letter to International Labour Organisation

Labour activist Khalil Karimi summoned to the Islamic Court

Message to workers of Peugeot-Citroen Aulnay

Campaign to free labour activist Behnam Ebrahimzadeh,Call by nine political prisoners in Iran

Support letter from AMWU in Australia

Iran: labour activist Sharif Saed Panah released on bail

Fear for the life of jailed Iranian labour activist Mohammad Jarahi

Iran: another worker arrested as persecution of labour activists intensifies

   Support letter from Susan Lambert, President, BC Teachers’ Federation

Support letter from Denis Lemelin National President of Candian Union Of Postal Workers

Stop persecution of worker activists and political prisoners in Iran. Free them now!

Toronto conference pledges continuing support for victimised Iran trade unionists

24 November
International day of action against executions in Iran

A letter from Shahrokh Zamani to ILO

A letter of president of Vancouver & District Labour Council in Canada(VDLC) , Call for Release of Mr. Shahrokh Zamani and Other Jailed Trade Unionists

The Occupy Edmonton in Canada calls for release of
Shahrokh zamani and all prisoners in Iran

Call for the Release of Worker Activists and Other Political Prisoners in Iran(VDLC )

ILO Conference : BWI supports Iranian workers

REPORT ABOUT ILO, Pacal Descamps

     Farzad Kamangar and 4 other political dissidents executed in Iran

free them now

International Workers Solidarity Committee-Iran


Protest against Iranian regime's fascistic attacks against Afghan workers and refugees!


MAY 1, 2012

Letter from prison by labour activist Behnam Ebrahimzadeh about his sick son,I was putting up with the prison pain, but suddenly tonnes of grief came down upon me

A letter from Shahrokh Zamani, worker activist, from prison (French, Arabic, Swedish, ...)

Far left collusion with Islamo-fascism
Tribune, 18 November 2005

Workers in Iran:
conditions, demands, struggles

Shahla Daneshfar

Workers in the last 3 months Feb05-April05 Shahla Daneshfar

From:  International Labour Solidarity Committee
 To: International Transport Workers’ Federation

Industrial disputes in the Iranian oil and petrochemical industry
25 November 2003